MUNA is an impressive multi-hyphenate bandDIY musicians and producers, a group of friends, a queer band, torchbearers of dark pop and emotional empowerment.  There are so many angles when talking about this trio.  

1. Google Hangout

MUNA should definitely hop on a Google hangout—they’re so vocal about what they represent in their lyrics and music. Because their lyrics don't shy away from dark, emotional issues and ultimately tout empowerment, fans strongly identify with them and will want to talk to them.

2. DIY Musicians and Producers

Naomi, Katie and Josette are instantly interesting because they embody a DIY sensibility not seen since the 90s among girl bands.  For their second activation, I propose a short video that highlights their instrumentation, producing and songwriting process.  

3.  MUNA Knows a Place

For the third activation, we should riff on the theme that "MUNA knows a place." Highlighting their LA origins, and with a nod to their interest in style and music icons, it'd be fun to do a styled photo shoot with them, going to their favorite digs in and around Los Angeles as backdrops.