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MUNA should definitely hop on a Google hangout they’re so vocal about what they represent in their lyrics and music. 

Because their lyrics don’t shy away from dark and emotional issues and ultimately tout empowerment, and because of their uniqueness as a queer group of friends who started a band together, I feel like fans will want to talk to them.  Whether they want the title or not, they are serious role models.  We could have a moderator seed some initial questions, but ultimately encourage Hangout fans to do most of the asking.  The Hangout can live as an archive afterwards.  While I realize the end result won’t be that visually arresting, providing this level of access and engagement would be a huge treat for their fans.  The more casual it could feel, like around a kitchen table or on a living room sofa, the better.

As for timing:  I think it should come a month before the About U album drops in February 2017.  Since they seem to have a strong following in the UK as well as the US, it would have to be at a time when fans on both sides of the pond could engage.