My name is Joaquin Atl Guzman. A Los Angeles Native, Xicano Artist / Photographer.


Nothing fucking Set up, just another day in My Life, chilling with My Carnales, My Brothers. By now it has been demolished, this piece of History, a Los Angeles Landmark, The 6th Street Bridge. Infamous for its Arches and beautiful architecture and years of holding it down. Used for various movies and commercials and one of My favorite spots to shoot. Unfortunately it's Being replaced by some Futuristic looking shit Bridge, Sadly to say. So in honor to that, this day was a Los Angeles Cruise Night Farewell under the Bridge, a low rider meet and Chill time to Kick it, check out the Cars, listen to Firme Rolas and capture photographs to show your kids and shit in the Future. Nothings made up, a frozen moment in time, fragments of my day, Us just us being us, walking around, checking out the Ranflas that Gente brought out, so much detail and dedication.


I simply just Document what I feel is important to Me. Just us, Laxin' and Relaxin' at ease with the Chill Vibes all around. "Chicahua Icnoyotl Mí Gente, Mí Vida, My Barrio."  I've always been Aware of My Surroundings and Instinctively Foresee what I want to Capture. I have been Raised to be Respectful and True to My Roots. As I have Matured and Grown Wiser, I have developed a Deep Appreciation of My Heritage. As I become Older & Wiser I have also Cultivated a Deeper Acknowledgement of My Middle Name, ATL.! Chicahua Icnoyotl, "Strong Friendship", Mí Gente, Mí Vida, My Barrio. Mí Gente, because All Portraits are All My Friends / Familia. Mí Vida because I am Simply Documenting what I see & Live, and capture through the Lens, and My Barrio because it's where We Live, and I feel People constantly need to be Reminded about our Powerful and Growing Presence.