Vivos Se Los Llevaron

This piece was made as a response to the still unsolved murders of 43 student teachers in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Part of the text, which I recount in English, re-contextualizes a popular Mexican ballad. 

Murray Family Farms Follies Redux

This is the second of two videos documenting a school field trip to Murray Family Farms. Kids jump on a trampoline of sorts, that is buried into the ground. No shoes allowed!


Murray Family Farms Follies

For twenty years, my sister has taught first grade at a rural, central California public school. Her two youngest boys attend her school. One morning, the middle child was going on a class field trip and she asked if I could chaperone. Murray Family Farms is located 20 minutes east of Bakersfield. I said, “Yes,” and took my HDSLR camera. I took still images of geese and cockatiels, and I shot video, all of which documented my experience at the farm. In this video, children and their parents pick blueberries.