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The third activation should be purely designed to generate fan momentum and awareness toward his next (and first RCA) studio album. 


Brandon is pretty active on Instagram.  His posts are almost always selfies.  The ones that get the most love are of him singing or busting a move.  Sometimes it’s front of a bathroom mirror, other times he’s on location.  I’m not always sure if he’s singing one of his songs, a cover or birthing a bar or verse in the moment.  He likes to let wild, be goofy and have fun while singing.  My takeaway is that he’s really comfortable self-taping himself, or having someone nearby tape him.  The downside to some of these videos is that sometimes they feel too short, like an incomplete thought.  Also, most of his fans leave comments about his physical appearance (i.e. jawbone, dimples) and less frequently, about his artistry and music.  I think we need to showcase him more as an artist in the midst of an intensive artistic process right now.

There’s a real opportunity to encourage B. Smyth to tape longer takes of himself as he goes about his day, whether in the studio with Bystorm, with family, traveling or in a moment of creative process or inspiration while he’s recording his next album.  Instagram extended their footage limit from 15 seconds to one minute back in April.  If leading up to his album release date, he could video journal some brief updates about the songwriting and recording process, or anything else he’s doing to get ready to release and tour the album, I think it could build anticipation for his new album. Maybe there can be some hint of who the guest cameos will be. 

Once the album's named, we can create a hashtag campaign: a combination of B. Smyth’s Instagram uploads; a professional, documentary-style photo shoot of Brandon in the studio and a brief (1-2 minute) video interview of what creative directions, storytelling, beats and moods he’s channeling for the next release.  It should also include fan-contributed content that tributes his songs, singing and dance moves, since those are emerging as his trademarks.  These different content types can be aggregated under the same hashtag and live-fed into both a B. Smyth RCA page and a dedicated website promoting the album drop.  Fans like to interact with each other and swap content.  Having a hashtag live feed will create a sense of connectedness among other fans.