B. Smyth 

My proposed activations for B. Smyth involve establishing his backstory, introducing fans to his past and present music, and a multi-contributor hashtag campaign for his upcoming album.

1. Backstory

Establishing a backstory – yes, he’s young, but also very accomplished

The first activation is a 3-5 minute video that lets Brandon, in his own words, establish who he is to new fans.  The video should be shot in Fort Lauderdale and feature his family, extended community and any artistic crews he came up with.  He can explain what matters to him, why he got into music, where he learned those moves.  Maybe it would be a video of him driving around and stopping to get out at places or people’s homes of significance.  He can talk about going viral as well.  

2. Discography

Highlight his past discography so that new fans can discover his pre-RCA music and appreciate his range  

The second activation would involve a live, pro-shot concert of perhaps five of his songs, both pre- and post-RCA, that we could then post to social media as discrete performance videos.  We could designate a city where we know he has a strong fan presence and using social media, announce a surprise show at an intimate venue.  We would use the resulting footage and seed the videos on social media and streaming platforms.  

3.  Album Release

Hashtag campaign for upcoming album release:  tribute his process

Once the album's named, we can launch a hashtag campaign: a combination of B. Smyth’s Instagram uploads; a professional, documentary-style photo shoot of Brandon in the studio;  a brief, 1-2 minute video interview of what creative directions, storytelling, beats and moods he’s channeling for the next release; as well as fan-contributed content that tributes his songs, singing and dance moves, since those are emerging as his trademarks.