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The beta version was developed by multimedia artist Chris GirardFabian Euresti and Hanul Bahm. It was visioned as a mixtape to "blow up" creators whose works deserve broad support. 

We support independent, street and underground works, regardless of medium or discipline: anything that can be shared digitally. Drop a line to suggest a work or say hello.

Get to know the featured artists, below.

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Walter Vargas

Walter Vargas is a filmmaker born and based in South Los Angeles. He has been dedicated to the transgressive nature of the moving image since shooting on Super 8mm film at age 16. 

He teaches visual and media literacy on the principle belief of empowering youth from commercial representation of communities, Self and the other.

Walter is a graduate from the California Institute of the Arts’ Film program with a minor in Pedagogy. He's in post-production for a feature film spotlighting the encroachment of neoliberal global forces onto indigenous Siberia.

Instagram:  @wa_va_


Hyesung Ii

On the mission of honesty, vulnerability, and courage to show it all.

Experienced artist in the process of finding the basic, simplest truth.

Instagram: @hyesung_ii


Fabian Vasquez Euresti

The son of Mexican farm laborers, Fabian Vasquez Euresti was born and raised in California’s San Joaquin Valley. He holds a BA in English Literature from CSU Bakersfield and an MFA in Film Directing from CalArts.

For Fabian, stories ultimately begin their journey in the physical landscape they occupy. The history of the land, at times troubling and tragic, provides a fascinating context. His formative years, spent in rural California, broadly inform his contemporary work.

Fabian’s work has screened at nearly twenty film festivals worldwide. He has helped program documentary film at Slamdance since 2012. He is currently developing his first narrative feature which will be shot in his native San Joaquin Valley.

Fabian's Vimeo

Instagram: @fabianvasquezeuresti


Hanul Bahm

Seoul-born Hanul Bahm is a filmmaker, writer and cultural worker. A firm believer of humanity in all its light and darkness, she makes all her works—story-based or otherwise—as a form of transmission and reception. 

Hanul is writing her first narrative feature, Drift and Return.

Instagram: @hanulbahm


Jean Jacques Villard

J.J. Villard is a director and actor best known for King Star King (2013), which aired on Adult Swim and won the 2015 Creative Emmy in Animation. 

An artist who defied industry notions of what animations had to be, J.J. made three dark, iconic works while still at CalArts: 9 Chimneys, 10 in a Bed or Hates is a Strong Word (2002), Son of Satan (2003) and Chestnuts Icelolly (2004). Son of Satan is based on a Charles Bukowski short story of the same name.

Instagram: @jjvillard